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Youtube Income Lifestyle

You've probably seen the various channels on this popular video website, and assorted news reports of just how much some of the top stars on this website earn from their videos.

If you've ever wondered how they did it, and keen to have a go at it yourself, this webpage is here to try and tell you, as well as provide at the end a number of resources to help you take things further.

There are a few basic things you need to get started: A good channel name that isn't already taken, then open a channel in that name via the usual sign-up process if you ain't already done so.

A camera capable of recording footage in at least 720p or 1080p High Definition (HD) quality, and some video editing software.

Create some video's, upload, repeat..... you need at least 10,000 views now to register to become monetised on YouTube.

You need to create some branding in the form of a channel logo + intro/outro vids to stick on the beginning and ends of your videos.

You need a catchy title for each video, and research keywords for the vid before you upload to improve the chances of each vid being found among the millions of others. It also helps to have thumbnails that catch the eye once uploading is complete.

Video Editing Software

There's numerous choices for this, and you need it to basically sticky-tape together the various bits of footage into 1 complete video for upload.

Personally I'm a fan of using Corel VideoStudio, which is one of the better value paid options.

The really top YouTubers seem to have a preference for either Adobe Premiere or Vegas Pro, both of which can work out rather expensive.

Editing video really isn't as difficult as it sounds. All you basically have to do is drop video files of the footage into the timeline in the software where you need it to appear, and it only really gets confusing when you need to tweak the sound or need some text to appear in a specific spot.

Rendering the final video may try your patience, and it generally takes a while to process.

It's worth bearing in mind that modern day HD quality footage creates some HUGE file sizes getting on for 1GB or more in some cases, so storage space is something to take into consideration, perhaps in the form of an external hard drive or a WD My Cloud NAS drive, particularly for back-up.

Once Monetised....

The main thing to remember once you become monetised is that it's Video Views that earns you money, and Subscriber Counts that earn you YouTube member benefits.

So, you don't really NEED to have subscribers, but having them helps bring people back to your channel to watch your new videos, and therefore making it easier to get those views that make you money.

Getting Views

Because there's so many people trying to succeed on Youtube these days, actually becoming successful there requires almost as much planning as a rocket trip to the moon, luckily the guides above from the Kindle store have many tips to help you succeed with the use of titles, keyword research, thumbnail choice, social media marketing & more.