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Wristwatch Guide

The Best Options for telling time on the move via the old fashioned way.....

While many people seem to be ditching their wristwatch for their smartphone, or even opting for a Smartwatch instead of something more conventional, there's still something to be said about a good old fashioned analogue or digital watch on your wrist. They're generally more reliable, and the battery (where fitted) can last for years rather than hours, and they add a bit of style too.

Whether it's an everyday watch like the selection above, or some of the more upmarket watches for special occasions like the ones below, there are still watches available for every budget.

I particularly recommend sticking with Casio watches when it comes to digital watches, as they have the best displays, the longest battery life and keep the time pretty accurately. With a few cheaper digital watches I've had bought for me in the past, I've had similar problems with them as I have with my digital camera - Battery doesn't last long, and they seem to gain a couple of minutes time too. I've never had that happen with a Casio brand watch.

For Analogue watches, the choice is a bit more flexible apart from budget concerns.